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කාවින්ද සෙනෙවිරත්න (Kavinda Senewiratne). That is my name written in my native language (Sinhalese). Looks a little too easy right? If you have heard of a beautiful island called Sri Lanka, then, I am proud to say that I was born there. After finishing my bachelor, I never wanted to study for another qualification again. A few months later, the “wannabe” travel phase of my life kicked in and led me to Germany for my masters. As German is obviously not my native language, it was very hard for me to find a job where English proficiency was required. That is until I saw a job post by easyCredit for a working student position.

I have been working here for two months now. I can tell you that it has been an absolute pleasant and educational experience (I promise you that the management did not force me to say this). My role in the strategy department has been mainly International research. Different members of the team assign different projects to me regarding different subjects which I have to research on. E.g. I am currently working on a report for the consumer credit market in Sri Lanka.


The easyCredit office itself looks incredible. Here are a few things that really caught my attention and liking:

Firstly, the Wi-Fi connection that helps us to be productive at work. Relaxing – sometimes – can be productive. Here I am with my collegue Tanja working on our social media research 😉










Next, the amazing sight of walking to the canteen during lunch time because of the awesome food they serve (even though I bring my bland chicken and rice sometimes ALL the time).










Cool chairs that allow you to be a part time ninja at work:

Ralph – easyCredit-employee              Ralph – Ninja













But most importantly, an awesome team to work with:

The ‚werkstudent‘ ride has been smooth (except for getting used to the language). Working with a team that is open minded, supportive of my work and German language inability has really helped. I really do hope to be here in the long term.